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sean, the serf of breath
United States
hey! what's up, people?
clearly, you are either very interested in learning about me.
(that, or you are very bored, but whatever i don't care why you're reading this.)
my name is sean, but i'll respond to john, or kaito, or the batter... i'll actually respond to a lot of things.

i seriously love roleplaying. it is my life. (haha what life)
if anyone ever wants to roleplay, shoot me a message, i'm not kidding.

i really like video games, too- OFF, zelda, portal, and skyrim are some of my favorites.

... ahem. moving on.

if you can't tell, i draw. A LOT. it's something i really enjoy doing, even if it's not the best work out there. i also really like listening to music, mostly vocaloid, zelda dubstep remixes, and homestuck songs.

i can play three instruments- the flute, the viola, and the keyboard. i have an ocarina, but geez. (link how do you DO that)

also, i have several obsessions.
two- OFF

i don't even really know what to say at this point uhh
thanks for reading??
peace out.

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i am not going to spread it, but thank you!!
shippersquarry Aug 13, 2013  Student General Artist
i just want to like all your stuff but i cant!!
shippersquarry Aug 14, 2013  Student General Artist
i really do!!! i love your art style and i really love the picture you made me :D
except it doesn't work on my phone. D:,
oh yaaaaay i get invited!
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